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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Documentary on Jadav Payeng

Making of a documentary on "Forest Man of India" Jadav Payeng.
Director:- Dasgupta Tamal Cinematographer:- Ratan Biswas Producer:- Asad Siddiqui (Cat Holidays).
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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Athkhelia Namghar, Golaghat.

 Athkhelia Namghar, Golaghat.
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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

First President of Undivided India

Late Lakhyeswar Barua.
Born 1894, Died 30 November 1990.
Studied science graduation at Cotton College in Gauhati,  then left his studies halfway and joined the freedom movement at the call of the Mahatma. Inspired by Ghadhiji’s ideals and joined the freedom movement while doing graduation.
The late Lakhyeswar Baruah not only had the courage to stand up against the British colonial rule, but also declared the tiny Charigaon mouza as an independent nation and himself as its President.
In 1921 he was jailed in Jorhat and had to spend 14 months behind bars before he was released. During Gandhi’s Swaraj Movement in 1942, he declared the Charigaon area as a sovereign independent state  and made himself as its first President and formed a seven member Presidential Cabinet.He  made this historic announcement at a heavily attended public meeting at  Rebakanta Baruah Public High School near Charigaon, about four kilometres from the Jorhat town on 11 th of August, 1943.
The self-proclaimed "first President" Lakhyeswar Barua's Cabinet included Jagat Chandra Saikia, as the Minister for 'Home Department',Golap chandra Dutta - 'Education', Debicharan Borbora- 'Defence',Sonaram Saikia-'Public Works',Krishnaprasad Saikia-'Co-operatives' and J Bordoloi , the Minister for 'Revenue' At such a   turn of event, the British Administration was taken aback. The powerful British administration however took quick action and  overpowered him. His 'Ministers' went underground later while Lakhyeswar Barua was sent to the jail.
This unique part of our freedom struggle has been noted by  Union Minister Shri Sharad Pawar in his book "Contemporary Political Leadership". "Quit India Movement", by Prof. Anil Kumar Sharma also takes note of this happening.
Once, President of India late Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed addressing a public meeting at the premises of the Assam Agriculture University.  He noticed Lakhyeswar Barua sitting at a far corner of the meeting hall . President . Fakhruddin Ahmed called him to the dais stating that he was the 'First real President' and should sit at the dais with due honour. There is little wonder that his own people acknowledge him as the “first President of the Independent Charigaon mouza” in Jorhat district of Assam.
Former Prime Minister  late Rajiv Gandhi surprised the villagers of Charigaon when he visited his house in 1988.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Hornbill Festival, Nagaland, 2012.

Hollongapar Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary, (12-12-12)

Radheshyam Goenka- forest man of Assam.

Rang Ghar, Talatal Ghar- Sibsagar, Assam.

Gamocha- symbol of Love & Regards


The Brahmaputra- red river

Diphu- hill station

Shivaratri Festival (Shiva Daul, Sibsagar)

Kokilamukh Festival


5th Bodo Festival 2013

The Bhagawat Path

Prajnalaya, Titabar

Titabar- Buddhist Tourism Treasure


Ethnic Musical Instruments

World Heritage Day Tour (Silghat, Nagaon, Assam)

Rongali Bihu 2013

Sutradhari Dance by a 68 year old artist.

Bhomoraguri Bridge- connecting two centuries.

Nambor & Garampani Wildlife Sanctuary

Life Plus- Jorhat

Christ Church, Guwahati

World Environment Day 2013

Hengul-Haithal Painting

Khanikar Puthi

Assam Bangiya Saraswat Math

Powa Mecca


Angkiya Bhaona

Ambubachi Mela